Post race recovery – a question of compression or common sense?

Well done to all of you who ran the Great North Run today. Perhaps now is a good time to post something about recovery…

It’s a brief discussion around the use of compression garments from three different viewpoints. All three authors claim to have scientific backing to their arguments, yet it is apparent that they have different agendas. What is of interest is the similarity but lack of solid cohesion of their opinions, considering they are based on the same body of research. But lets not lose track of the fact that it’s not a peer reviewed and rigorous thesis. As athletes, we are all susceptible to ‘bite size’ short cuts and fast, ‘digestible’ information that can assist and promote better athletic performance and recovery.
But how about considering  the following simple questions: if swelling due to tissue overload/trauma gravitates down the leg into the foot and ankle, how effective is a calf guard going to be in recovery…?
If your compression garments are not medical grade, will they provide medical benefits?
 And perhaps not as fashionable as some neon pink knee high socks and potentially just as radical for some: how about resting post race to allow those traumatized tissues to recover? Put your feet up, stay hydrated and keep your toes and ankle moving to physiologically promote venous return to decrease swelling.
If swelling or pain persists for more than 4-5 days post event, then consider getting a qualified medical opinion from your GP or a physiotherapist (ahem, that runs and teaches Pilates – click on contact us , ahem)

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