Your Appointment -  How I Work

With over 10 years of clinical experience, when you visit my physiotherapy treatment room in Darlington, I use a high level of clinical reasoning and judgment to a take lateral approach to musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Unless there has been surgery or trauma there is usually an underlying postural/mechanical cause for joint, muscle or ligament pain.

Starting with an initial assessment we will discuss your problem in depth to direct an appropriate orthopaedic (muscles, joints, ligaments) and movement assessment.

This will allow me to provide a working diagnosis of what your problem is and more importantly why you have your problem.

Tracking down and addressing the source of the problem will not only resolve the presenting symptom(s) but help to prevent it from returning. This will be combined with appropriate advice and education to provide a successful long term outcome and patient empowerment.

Reacting solely to symptoms in isolation and ‘chasing pain’ often only result in a short-term fix.

Working together we will develop an appropriate treatment plan based on your goals. Successful resolution of your problem will depend on your participation with a home exercise programme.

I can assess and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders such as:

  • Spinal and peripheral joint pain
  • Muscular/ligament soft tissue dysfunction
  • Pre and post-operative presentations
  • Running injuries, running gait dysfunction and gait retraining
  • Pre and post-natal pregnancy related low back/pelvic pain

Treatments that I can provide include:

Manual therapy - joint mobilisation/manipulation, soft tissue techniques including Muscle Energy Technique, myofascial release, Bowen Therapy

Pilates – a fantastic way to restore strength, normal movement, joint position sense and endurance

Taping – both rigid and Kinesio taping techniques can be used to get you back to pre-injury state

Gait retraining – able to increase running efficiency and rehabilitate running gait if gait is maintaining the presenting symptoms

Training plans – as a Coach in Running Fitness, I am able to produce appropriate training plans for various distances and events


Initial assessment is £40 for 45 minutes.

Follow up review appointments are £30 for 30 minutes (as needed).


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