Online Clinic

I am delighted to announce that my physiotherapy clinic has re-opened for face to-face appointments.  Please get in touch to book your appointment by clicking here or contacting me on 07932 574 945 (virtual appointments via Zoom will be offered initially).

My approach to physiotherapy considers that in the absence of surgery or trauma, there is usually an underlying postural/movement dysfunction ultimately governed by a nervous system that has adapted over time. Potentially this may be due to a forgotten history of trauma, it may be learned behaviour (bad habits) or there may be environmental/societal factors.

As a movement expert I will help you uncover and dig out the root cause of your problem to resolve symptoms and prevent re-occurrence. Using hands on techniques, exercise and appropriate advice and education we’ll discover a long term solution, not just a short term fix.

Please click here for further information regarding appointments and clinic Covid 19 policies.


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