Physio Led Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes Darlington

As a physiotherapist teaching Pilates I use verbal and tactile cues to guide class members in how to move and perform Pilates exercise appropriately and safely.

Class members gain a deeper understanding of their own body through the activation and balancing of deep core and postural muscles to improve posture, flexibility and functional performance.

Like other Pilates classes there are many class members with problems such as joint replacements, low back/neck pain, shoulder, hip or limb pain, soft tissue injuries, systemic illnesses – the list goes on.

However, as a chartered physiotherapist I treat such problems daily and use Pilates exercise to reduce pain and disability. My professional clinical experience allows me to challenge all members of the class at a level that is safe and appropriate to them.

Each class is mixed ability and runs as a 6-week course.

Maximum of 12 in each class - places in each class are strictly limited and are booked well in advance. Please book your place by following the link or call Nick on 0793 2574945.


Woodland Village Hall

10 - 11am Physio Led Pilates


The Elm Tree Room - Quakers Meeting House

6 - 7pm Physio Led Pilates

7 - 8pm Physio Led Pilates


The Musculoskeletal Therapy Clinic

10 - 11am Physio Led Pilates Back Care


The Garden Room - All Saints Church

4 - 5pm Physio Led Pilates

5 - 6pm Physio Led Pilates

6 - 7pm Physio Led Pilates

7 - 8pm Physio Led Pilates

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