Sports Injuries Long Term Solutions Not Short Term Fixes

Sports Injuries Nick Watson

There is nothing more frustrating than being injured because of participating in your sport. Often athletes will try resting from their sport for a week or so. Whilst rest may reduce the pain of an acute injury, it will not address the underlying reason why the injury occurred in the first place.…carried non

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Physiotherapist ThatTreats the Source of Your Pain

Nick Watson Physiotherapist

I am a Chartered physiotherapist with many years’ clinical experience in the NHS and private practice. I welcome patients to my clinic in the Blackwell Business Centre, Blackwell Lane in Darlington. Working in partnership with clients, I delve to find the root cause of the problem to treat the presenting…carried non

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Pre-Habilitation? Our Holistic Approach

My ethos is to treat the whole body and being. With over 9 years of clinical experience I use a high level of clinical reasoning and judgment to a take lateral approach to musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction by proactively tracking down the source of the problem and not just reacting…carried non

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Nick Watson Pilates Classes

Welcome to our new website. I am  Nick Watson practitioner of Physiotherapy and Pilates in Darlington, Co Durham. I work as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in NHS and  private practice as well as teaching Pilates classes in Darlington and the surrounding area. All of our classes resume Wednesday 4th January at Darlington…carried non

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