I am pregnant and suffering from back ache.  Can you help?

Of course, in my NHS practice I have worked in a unique pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain clinic.  I am able to assess and treat pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy for pelvis and low back pain presentations (please note I am not a women’s health physiotherapist).


I have taken up running but have a pain in my leg.  Do I need to see a physiotherapist or just stretch it out?

Like any new physical sport or activity, your body will need time to adapt to the new physical demands. If it is a minor niggle that you can attribute to running, then rest for a few days and if your pain eases, start back gently, monitoring your problem and see how you go.

If rest does not improve your pain or you have pain with non-running related activity whilst weight baring or at rest, then contact for an appointment.


I am 67 and my aching hip keeps me awake at night.  Is this just old age and do I have to put up with it?

Joints and muscles can become inflamed when overloaded and such irritated tissues can cause inflammatory pain when at rest.  Aching pain at the end of a busy day or at night could suggest an underlying inflammatory cause.

However, you don’t have to put up with such pain. An appropriate physiotherapy assessment will identify the source of your problem and direct treatment and management to reduce the inflammation and pain.


My teenage daughter is a dancer but has a sudden sharp pain behind her knee.  What can she do about it?

Most dancers and gymnasts appear to cope well with pain and discomfort from their activity, therefore if your daughter is complaining of pain it may be more than the usual ache or niggle that one would expect. There are many cause of knee pain and therefore a physiotherapy assessment would be appropriate.


Will Pilates help me to “tone up”?

Any form of exercise will help you tone up in the long term, yet Pilates is known for its focus on postural muscles, creating create graceful stability for optimal movement.

There are many forms of Pilates from mat work to specialist equipment, yet they all provide a balanced approach of flexibility, mobility and strengthening for the whole body.

As a chartered physiotherapist, I treat pain and disability daily with Pilates exercise. Therefore, I am able to bring this professional clinical experience to challenge all members in my classes at a level that is safe and appropriate to them.


I am a middle of the pack runner and I want to get faster for a new 10k PB, can you help?

A simple concept to consider is ‘train your weaknesses, not your strengths’. Therefore, trying to run faster just by running harder and further may lead to overtraining, overload and ultimately injury.

As a physiotherapist (who runs) I can help you find the ‘weakness’ that needs addressing whether it be a muscle imbalance, biomechanics or even running gait issue. It may be that physically all is well, yet running gait and form could benefit from retraining for increased efficiency.

As a Coach in Running Fitness I can help develop appropriate training plans to allow you to achieve your running goals.

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