Running tips – week 4 – Take a breather and save your energy

Run hard, breath harder, right? But what if a sub optimal breathing pattern is sapping energy before you’ve even got your trainers on? This video will help you understand how sub optimal breathing could increase total energy expenditure and effort. As if running isn’t hard enough… ?

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Running form tips, week 3 – Functional feet

Running form tips, week 3 – Functional feet. Your feet literally drive your whole running experience. So how much do you know about your foot function? This is a short video to allow you to help you understand and appreciate your foot and toe mobility (or lack of)…

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Running form tips, week 1 – Hip hinge

With the current Covid 19 lock down, I’ve been doing movement recordings exclusively for the Quaker’s Running club… The hip hinge, a fundamental movement to help co-ordinate body and hips for efficient gait  

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Regarding the debate on posture – where do you stand? Sit? Slouch? Sprawl?


A recent article in the Guardian newspaper (click here) discussed posture, or more to the point the common perception of posture held by the general  public. What is refreshing is that the article questioned the general view that posture is all about “sitting up straight” or “standing tall”. This is a perception often…carried non

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Post race recovery – a question of compression or common sense?

Well done to all of you who ran the Great North Run today. Perhaps now is a good time to post something about recovery… Here is a link to a brief article about compression garments It’s a brief discussion around the use of compression garments from three different viewpoints. All…carried non

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Foam rollers – training tool or training trap?

foam roller

In my physiotherapy clinic I am often asked by runners and other athletes about the use of foam rollers. Over recent times, foam rollers have gained popularity as ‘soft tissue release’  tools that can be used at home. The proposed benefit of using a roller is to benefit from a…carried non

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Low back pain and the power of words

CSP logo

Back pain patients often seek professional help because they are experiencing pain or dysfunction that is beyond their understanding or ability to deal or cope with. With the large number of people presenting with low back pain, health professionals can fail to consider how each individual patient’s pain experience will…carried non

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Physio Led Pilates – latest Spring terms

Physio Led Pilates exercise class

The latest Spring terms of Physio Led Pilates start next week. Alongside the existing Wednesday and Friday evening classes, there will be a brand new Friday daytime Pilates class at Darlington Yoga and Pilates – 11.45am to 12.45pm. Each week we embark on a unique guided tour of your body.  A…carried non

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New Term of Pilates Classes

Pilates led by Physiotherpaist Nick Watson

All Pilates classes in Darlington and Woodland will commence on Wednesday 1st March.  In the warm, well equipped studio at Darlington Yoga & Pilates Centre the following classes will take place.  Please click links to book places and to see all dates. Darlington Yoga & Pilates Centre Physio Led Pilates…carried non

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